How To Become A Successful Insurance Sales Agent?

Have you ever wondered about the retired and current insurance agents playing golf at the daytime and roaming here and there in big luxury cars, living in 5 star hotels, swinging on planes? The answer to this is that they just kept on selling policies and never stopped. They never cared about the “NO” which they listened again and again. They just kept on going and didn’t mind what the people thought about them. Persistence is the key to their success.

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How To Become A Successful Insurance Sales Agent

Impact of refusal:-

Most of the salesman especially the new ones take the word “NO” too much seriously and take it personally but in fact, it is the part of the business. The effect of the refusal disables them to persist and they feel discouraged and lost souls while most of the new comers just stalk their customers and are unable to engage the prospect into a meaningful dialogue that could explain their plan or insurance policy.

Perks of guidance:-

That’s where insurance sales training plays its part. Consistent guidance is what they want to favorably place themselves with the potential buyer and limit the chances of refusals hence increasing their sales volume slowly and gradually.

Need to keep going:-

Let’s go through some of the percentages of insurance agents who give up on the first “NO”

  1. More than 50 percent of the insurance agents tend to give up if they are faced with a “NO” at the first meeting with the prospect and they don’t bother to go back to it again.
  2. Only 7 percent have the courage and self belief to talk with the prospects after the 5 the meeting to check whether they will take the policy or not.
  3. After the 8th meeting, only one lucky and daring person is left who succeeds to convince the customer and reaps the fruit.

Why is that guy successful? Ever wondered! Let’s take you through those well established rules that are a key to success for an insurance agent.


As you read above the successful guy had to visit the prospect at least 8 times. Don’t worry all customers are not like this. Some people understand the policies well and give you a thumbs up in the 1st or 2nd meeting. But the agent kept on persisting and kept on going till he was successful. He tried and tried until got what he wanted.


Your communication skills should be so impressive, engaging and professional that prospects turn to you automatically. Don’t rush into things too quickly just put the things in the prospect’s mind in an influential but careful manner.  Talk to the prospect like you know him from ages but don’t cross the limits.

Listening power:-

One thing that professional sales training Dubai teaches you is to listen to the potential customer. Hear each and every word about his experiences and what his demands are. Don’t interrupt him, let him say whatever he wants and agree with him even if you don’t. Act as a gentleman. He may have bad experiences regarding the field in which you are dealing.

Don’t rush into asking questions too quickly as it can annoy the prospect. According to experts, listening is the number one tool of communication an agent has. Patience and attention to what the person says will have a positive influence on the prospect of your personality and your offer.


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