How To Provide Effective Diversity Training To Employees

Teams in the corporate environment are evolving. Today more and more organizations are employing people from diverse backgrounds to create highly diverse teams that work efficiently to fulfill the aims of the organizations.

In the GCC alone, the percentage of non-nationals is estimated at 75%. The UAE workforce consists of 91% ex-pats while only 8% nationals. In a region with so much diversity, it’s only possible to succeed by including everyone regardless of their backgrounds.

How to provide effective diversity training in Dubai

The right diversity training courses may benefit teams working within your organization, encouraging them to become core aspects. Opt for professional corporate training in Dubai, and your teams are set to help you succeed in your mission. Read on to know how employees can be provided with the essential diversity training to employees.

Tips to provide effective diversity training in Dubai

If you’re an organization in the UAE, you probably see more culturally diverse employees, then any other organization in the world, which makes it all the more essential that your practices consider these groups too. Read on to know how diversity training at your organization can be made effective:

Start with why you need it

If you want training to be effective and for your employees to get the most out of it, you need to make sure they know why they’re at the session in the first place. It is important for an employee to understand why being at the training session is beneficial and how it can help and benefit them as teams and individuals.

Mix up awareness and skills

Some training sessions focus on creating diversity awareness while others focus on enhancing skills. The best training sessions, however, focus on providing both to the employees. It’s only logical to create employee awareness about an issue and to help them with skills.

Encourage mentorship within teams

Learning skills and keeping it to themselves isn’t the aim of training. As the organization frowns and more individuals become a part of teams, it’s important for the learned individuals to “dispense” what they’ve learned in their training.

Through mentorship and encouragement, new employees can learn from the older ones how they manage things around them. This strategy may bring benefits to the team members, but it’s also good for the senior members as they can overcome any biases they possess as they interact with more and more individuals.

Embed diversity into other core training programs

If your organization is considering inclusion, it’s important to embed diversity training in all other workplace training sessions. For instance, your communication skills training should include communication through other cultures. Your sales team, if diverse, should possess the right skills for communication!

Don’t enforce training

Although training sessions are only for the employee’s benefits and cost companies, it’s important not to force training on the employees. Employees may be unwilling or feel forced to attend training sessions which isn’t how it should be.

Employees should be encouraged by highlighting the benefits linked with training sessions, and by framing it as an opportunity that allows them to learn important lessons.

Take away!

In a region where the workforce consists of more ex-pats than locals, it’s important to realize the importance of diversity training in the workplace. The best training companies provide expert services and employee training keeping in mind the requirements of the workforce. Opt for the good trainers offering corporate training and create a workforce that’s ready to place you in the fastest growing companies in the UAE!

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