Essential Tips to Finish Training on a High Note

Begin with the end in mind.” Steven Covey

Typically, Dubai training sessions conclude with a ceremonial speech and a formal participant evolution. By the time the trainer says farewell, half of the trainees already leave the hall to reach their destinations. What does this indicate?

It shows a big loophole in the plan. The ending should be more interesting. The reason is, without a bang, participants are more likely to forget the training lessons soon.

Moreover, it can also reduce participants’ interest in taking training and development sessions, severely. A positive end also shows the participants that the training session was worth the value for money.

Professional Tips to Finish Your Corporate Training Effectively

Thus, trainers should take care while developing the plan for the closing session. It should end on a high note for people to remember it for years.

So, if you are a business company, looking for professional trainers to train your employees, opt for the best company, specialized in corporate training in Dubai for conducting successful training sessions.

Professionals know all the methods to make the session more interesting for the employees from the beginning to the end. Read on for essential tips for closing your training on a high note.

Golden Tips to Close Your Training with a Bang

Trainers can use multiple tricks to end their training session with a bang. For instance, they can make it fun by introducing a fun activity or give it a personal touch by sharing their opinion about each participant, etc. Here are some of the rules for a perfect closure for your training.

Bring the Throwback Feel

One of the best tips to end your last session is to revise everything – not just the lessons. Instead, throwback means rewinding everything from start to the end. For instance, you can discuss the lesson along with sharing what the participants felt when they attended the first session.

Apply the Informal Technique

While report generation and filling out evaluation forms is a regular thing to do, use this technique in the end to add interest. It is a form of informal evaluation. In the informal assessment, you assess your audience by facial expressions, discussions, and quick quizzes. It helps to retain their interest until the end.

Give it Personal Touches

Formal closures are always dull. Most individuals attend them as compulsion only. Don’t force everyone to sit in the closing ceremony for this reason. Make it more interesting by giving it personal touches. It will make it more emphatic and relatable.

For example, if you have planned a speech, add a humorous incident in it. Or if you have scheduled a group photograph, take some photos in casual poses with your participants etc.


Beginning and closure of a training session are the two most important parts. The reason is you can either leave a good or bad impression at these points. For closure sessions, use different informal interaction techniques to make them memorable and more engaging.

So, choose a professional company like, providing best corporate training in Dubai to enhance the interest level of your employees. Expert trainers are well-equipped with the best training techniques to increase trainees’ interest.

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