Top Tips To Resolve Interdepartmental Conflicts

The racial and ethnic diversity, the lack of communication between managers and lower managers of departments, or personal reasons are some of the numerous causes of conflicts in the UAE workforce.

But like other organizations, interdepartmental harmony is essential for organizations to fulfill their corporate objectives. Regardless of the reason for the conflict within departments or between the different ones, inter department conflict resolution in organizations remains a crucial part of corporate dealings.

Here is how to resolve interdepartmental conflicts

But it’s not just anyone that can resolve issues! Conflict resolution is of the essence in a multi-department organization and requires attention, perseverance, patience and the right soft skills training courses in Dubai to help managers learn how to resolve issues between their departments! The article aims to highlight how inter-department conflicts can be resolved!

How to resolve interdepartmental conflicts

Inter-department conflicts are common in the Emirati corporate sector. The hot headed workforce, environment, multiracial culture, lack of effective communication or difficulty in understanding each other; many reasons could case conflicts in departments! However, it remains important to resolve this issue to continue smooth operations. Read on to know how inter-department conflict can be resolved.

Keep lines of communication open

Quite often in the case of such conflicts, communication channels are shut down, and the two conflicting parties may enter a “cold war.” However, it’s important to keep the line of communication open.

The two groups should pleasantly discuss the issue through their representatives. Communication not only allows the two groups to vent out their feelings but also helps to discover the real reason that could be causing the conflicts.

Introduce suitable strategies. The conflict resolution techniques that are used to resolve any conflicts between departments differ based on different variables. Time, the costs involved, the importance of relationships, power status all remain extremely important for the resolution technique chosen when resolving inter-department conflicts.

Don’t coerce

Coercion or forcing other reps to solve problems never goes right! It may solve the problem temporarily; however, a tiny argument between the two departments and everything is sure to resurface! When looking for a more permanent solution, it is important to allow settlement gently and by influencing the arguments.

Take some time off to think about the matter

Talk to both teams and ask them to take some time off and think about the matter with a cooler head! Hasty decisions can bring departments down, destroying entire organizations. Don’t be quick with decisions as it’s bound to cause more harm than good. Take time to think about possible solutions to the problems that have arisen.

Don’t overdo the time frame

Although, it may be sensible to take time to sort out the problems between departments, however, time is essential for all departments in an organization it’s important not to waste much of it. Gathering information relevant to both departments and then resolving the differences may help out the resolution.


In an organization where the departmental interdependence is essential, it is essential to solve problems by working together. By identifying the needs of each it becomes easier for both departments to voice opinions and reach conclusions!

Compromise on aspects

Another common technique for organizational conflict resolution involves both departments communicating their requirements and compromising on certain aspects wherever possible! Both units have something to win and something to lose in this case.

Take Away

Units work together to ensure the smooth functioning of an organisation. However, in the case of conflicts, it becomes impossible to continue operations as smoothly. The conflict can grow and cause damage to the operation of the whole organization which is why it is essential to resolve them as soon as they arise.

Opt for conflict management training courses in Dubai to help your managers learn how interdepartmental conflicts can be resolved to maintain peaceful operations throughout the firm! With the right training, the managers are bound to ensure the proper functioning of the departments without any discordance.

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