Top Essentials Of Segmentation Your Sales Team Should Know

For businesses in the UAE, where there are many products of the same niche targeting the same population sample and a lot of competition, it’s important to highlight the needs of customers to advertise the products the best way possible.

Segmentation allows the sales force to gather customers who are most likely to buy from you, your services and products. By creating segments within the customer base, there is a higher chance for the sales team to market products differently to the different Emirati consumers and clients.

Top Essentials Of Segmentation Your Sales Team Should Know

But if your sales team is ill-equipped, no worries! Opt for sales training and allow your sales team to ace the basics of segmentation, create the right leads, and sell products to them.

The article focuses on the basics of segmentation, the segmentation required to generate leads in sales and the importance of segmentation in sales.

Basics of segmentation for sales workforce

Segmentation can be defined as studying the consumers and marking different strategies each catering to the various attributes of customers, including needs, budgets, interests, etc. the growth of the business and strategies devised to target leads is greatly dependent on segmentation. Read on to know some essentials of segmentation the sales force should know:

Segmentation that helps generate leads for sales

Segmentation using demographics

The most general way to create segments within your customers involves the accumulation of information of audiences, including their gender, age, their location, and the amount they earn.

Segmentation using their attributes

The psychographic segmentation involves the collection of information about the customer’s personalities, their lifestyle, the choices they make, their interests, activities, and hobbies.

Segmentation with respect to behavior

This type of segmentation considers the factors responsible for consumer decision making. It could be their shopping on any specific dates or occasion or any other factors that contribute towards customers making an important purchase.

The marketing segmentation allows the sales teams to create leads that can use to sell their products.

Importance of segmentation for the sales team

Helps grow revenues

The knowledge of what a segment wants can help generate larger revenues, by ensuring that the right marketing strategies are built for that particular segment.

Imagine having to market a product in a way that doesn’t fit well with the targeted segment. Not only is the effort going to go to waste but it’s also a waste of the company’s time and expenses. So it’s important to be aware of the requirements of the segment to create the right marketing plans and strategies.

Helps with sales

Although segmentation may result in the loss of certain customers, it does a lot to grow the sales too. But that’s possible only in the case of the right segmentation. Removing potential customers from your lists may seem damaging at first sight, but in the long run, it helps divert effort in the right direction, and the right strategy can leave you the winner of the market.

Provides knowledge about the customer’s needs

It goes without saying that market segmentation can help increase the knowledge a sales force has about their customer’s requirements and their expectations when it comes to products. This can do two things for the business,

  • It can help improve the product or service the company has to offer
  • It can also help the business develop products or service that’s well aligned with the ideals of the customers.

How to acquire the expertise of segmentation

Your sales team may be the best, but it’s not doing much for the company if it doesn’t understand the basics behind effective segmentation and why it’s critical. To help your sales workforce understand the importance of segmentation, its types, how leads are generated and how it can help businesses grow and expand, it is important to hire experts to teach them.

For this reason you need to opt for professional courses of sales training Dubai to offer and allow your sales team to comprehend how powerful segmentation is for your business


Segmentation remains an essential aspect of the sales workforce functions. It helps to create the right strategies for marketing products and service for customers. It also helps in growing the customer base and the revenues and sales for the product or service.

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