What are the Essentials of Leadership?

In the fast-pacing world, the demand of business leaders have increased, and more people are now focusing on effective leadership.

Leadership is not an easy thing because it is something which is dependent on how the team you are leading is performing. Leaders who are influencers as well have learned this trait over the years and have mastered the art of good communication.

For any organization or business, leaders serve as an entity that is going to lead the team in a way that it meets the business goals. An effective leader understands the client’s requirement and communicates it to team members for effective implementation.

Leadership Trainings and Skills Development

Training sessions are often held in the workplace to understand the perspective, growth of the industry and for the skill up-gradation of the employees. Leadership training in Dubai has become an essential component of any training because it helps business and people grow.  However, most people are not aware of the essential characters a leader must have on which the training will be based on.

Characteristics A Leader Must Have

This article has laid out four characteristics a leader must possess,

Being influencer

One of the primary characteristics a leader must possess is the influencing power. It is more about having the capacity of an individual to have a positive effect on the development of character and behavior of someone.

Some people confuse influence with having authority but being authoritative does not make someone effective leader. The positive impact is a result of effective communication and respectful relationship that exist between a leader and follower.

Influencers do not rely on the emotional abilities rather their point has a solid backing with logic. Their point makes sense, and this leads to a positive environment in the organization.

Shared vision

Every business or industry has a mission or vision which is used as a baseline.  Leaders take that mission forward and implement in the organizational structure.

During the leadership training in Dubai, these leaders communicate the vision and their planning on taking this forward. The team can then look into the future and the possibilities of the shared goals. Team and leader have to work together to achieve the shared vision, but then leader has to take the front row for the directional purpose.

Company’s benefits and goals should be a priority, and the plans/strategies should be the ones where benefits outweigh the risks or the costs.


The quality of a good leader is treating everyone with a fair attitude. If a leader is biased, then the people will have doubt on the growth and about their opinions being valued or not.

Also, being biased will take away the influencing power and trust they have put in. The focus should be to empower everyone in the company rather than focusing on the growth and development of some people because companies are run by everyone employed not only a few members.

The friendships in the industry should be kept to the level that it does not make anyone biased and everything should be judged based on the capabilities and skills they have learned over the years. Helping the employees understand their potential and reach that is what should be the goal of the leader.

Leadership training also focused on techniques and tips on keeping personal and professional relationship aside.

Authenticity and sincerity

One of the most desirable characteristics of any leader is being authentic. This is one of the traits which cannot be built during the training but is rather inherited. If someone has this inbuilt, then it can further be polished.

Being real is what this rapidly developing world lack in the era of smartphones and social media trends. Leaders have to walk their talk, and their actions must align with their words. Fake promises and overambitious hopes are the characteristics of ineffective leaders.

Also, the leaders have to be sincere with the organization they are working for, and their work should show that they want the best for the company and want it to grow. Anyone who just looks for personal or monetarily benefits is not healthy for the business. The company has put a level of trust in the person so he should be able to live up to the expectations.

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