How To Start A Training Session with a Bang

Typically, training sessions open with the presenter’s introduction, a few welcoming words and small talk about attendees in Dubai. In some cases, there can also be an icebreaker, but most trainers follow the same pattern.

The problem with this type of opening is it reduces the interest level of the participants. Many of them start scribbling or checking their text messages out of boredom. It is also a reason to induce sleep in the training room.

how to start a training session

Therefore, your opening should be attention-grabbing. It will determine your first impression so work on it. No matter, if you are in the corporate setting or else, choose the best training courses in Dubai to learn the tricks of the trade. Read on for some ideas to open your training session with a bang.

Four ideas to start training session with a boom

The first 10 minutes of a training session are crucial. If you grab the attention of your attendees during this time, the show is all yours. Otherwise, the audience will be less likely to pay attention to your words if the opening was not excellent. Here are the top 4 ideas to win the show in the first few minutes:

Use a Hook

A hook is a short statement that shows you are aware of your audience and their expectations from the training. It should also stimulate a (some type of) sentiment in the attendees.

The emotion can be anything – happiness, empathy or excitement. But make sure the sentiment is relevant to the subject. It should also be relatable to your audience’s past experience for greater impact. So, use a hook to open your training session. It can be a quick quiz or a question etc.

Be Personal

Share a personal experience to start a training session. It is an excellent idea to make your audience feel connected with you. The more they can relate to you, the more they will listen to your words during the session.

However, don’t confuse this idea with sharing personal life with others. You don’t need to share your private life in training. Just share you own experiences related to the topic.

Add Humor

Pressure builds up when a trainer walks in. Trainees and trainers both feel it in the beginning. To reduce this pressure, you can start your training session by using a humorous anecdote. It will help to relax your audience and give your opening a boom by bringing a smile on many faces.


Intros are an essential part of any presentation. But boring intros can mar your whole image. So, try to make introductions more interesting. You can use different intro activities for this purpose.

For instance, you can play the ‘adjective’ game. In this game, each participant uses an adjective with their name to introduce them. It makes the training interactive, exciting and amusing.

Bottom Line

Interesting openings of even a ‘dry’ training session can help elevate boredom of trainees. So, work a lot at the start of a session. You can make it more interesting by adding humor, sharing a personal experience, using a hook, and more.

Opt for professional training courses in Dubai to know different creative training methods and techniques and apply them. Expert trainers can offer you excellent tips to make your sessions a hit.

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